Federal Emissions Warranty

The Federal Emissions Warranty can cover emissions related component repairs for vehicles up to 8 years old or up to 80,000 miles, whichever comes first. The Federal Emission Warranty offers both a Performance Warranty and a Design and Defect warranty.

The Federal Emissions Performance Warranty covers a vehicle if it fails an emission or smog test in its first 2 years of service or 24,000 miles. The Federal Emission Design and Defect Warranty covers a vehicle for an emissions component manufacturing design defect for the first 2 years or 24,000 miles.

The Federal Emissions Warranty covers the repair/replacement of many emission related components however the majority of these smog parts are covered only under the 2/24,000 Federal Emissions Warranty plans. Emission components covered under the 8/80,000 Warranty are few in relation to 2/24 coverage.

Components typically covered under the 8/80 Federal Emission Warranty include emission parts which must perform for an extended period of time without performance issues. These components include a vehicle's Catalytic Converter, Transmission Control Module, and Powertrain Control Module and/or Engine Control Unit (PCM or ECU).

California Emissions Warranty

The State of California has its own emissions component coverage for 7 years or 70,000 miles. This emissions warranty is an addition to the Federal Emissions Warranty. The California Emissions Warranty covers many more smog parts than the Federal Emissions Warranty for 8/80. There are also certain year, make and model vehicles that may have emission parts covered under the California Warranty that go above and beyond the normal parts coverage for 8/80. There are differences from one vehicle year, make and model, gasoline and diesel engines. There are also differences between trucks that are over/under 8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight (GVW).

Contact The Dealer: If your 8 year old or newer vehicle fails a smog check or its check engine light (service engine soon light) turns on or flashes, we recommend contacting your local dealership to see if the repairs are covered under any emissions warranty, whether that be Federal or California. If you run in to a service writer unfamiliar with Federal Emission Warranty or California Emissions Warranty, ask to speak with their supervisor.

What Reasons Can a Manufacturer Use to Deny a Warranty Claim?

If your vehicle is within the age and mileage requirements for the applicable emissions warranty, the manufacturer can only deny coverage if evidence shows that you have failed to properly maintain and use your vehicle, causing the part or emission test failure.

Some examples of misuse and lack of maintenance include:

  • vehicle abuse (off-road or overloading); or
  • tampering with emission systems, including removal or intentional damage of emission parts or emission systems; or
  • improper maintenance, including failure to follow maintenance schedules and instructions specified by manufacturer, or use of replacement parts which are not equivalent to the originally installed parts.

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