What is a Smog Test Only Center?

What is the difference between a test and repair smog station and a test only station? A Smog Test Only center, as the name suggests, can only smog test vehicles and is not allowed to perform automotive repairs. A test only smog check center has an obligation to ensure a non-biased smog test inspection. They can not perform repairs.

Find a smog test only center in your area using our CA Test Only Smog Station Locator.

Important Note: If your vehicle fails at a test only smog check center, you will need to seek repairs at a test and repair station. The test and repair smog station will need to conduct a new smog test - (Baseline Test), and may charge you a smog inspection fee as part of their diagnosis and/or repairs.

Also note that a smog test only station is not allowed to perform or comment on any diagnosis or possible required repairs. Per California State law their primary obligation is to conduct a fair and unbiased smog test.

All and any repairs must be performed by a licensed smog check repair station, or the vehicle's owner personally.

How much does a test only smog cost?

Smog test only stations are not allowed to profit or perform any auto repairs, whether smog check related or not. In the past smog test only centers typically charged more for their smog inspection in order to cover their expenses. In today's market, with competition being high, and many vehicle require STAR smog inspections, the cost of the test only smog check has been reduced dramatically.

It is not uncommon to find smog test only centers performing the smog test between $29.95 and $39.95 plus fees, which amount to approximately $40 to $50 out-the-door.

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